Diving on the Edge

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This was an absolutely mind blowing cave dive to around 245m , water temp 6oC & financed solely by them self's. The amount of work involved in setting up decompression stations & logistics was mind blowing.

Monthly Meeting for Regular Divers

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Posted on whatsapp ,a monthly meet up for regular divers of jeffsdivingworld ,every last Saturday of the month. Also open to any one who is a diver or not and wants to come along ,the more the merrier. Venue : TBC but will be on the 25th Jan

Went to beneath the bay @ living coast in Torquay.

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Listened to a presentation by Duncan Kenny, seal project. Showed many photos of both grey & common seals.Explained about their interaction with humans & how we can best cohabitation with them. Also a presentation by Dr Paul Naylor (marine biology & underwater photography ).Talked about our sea grass habitats, including spider crabs, cuttlefish, wrasse, pipefish & [...]