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Lundy Marine Festival 2022

Lundy Marine Festival 2022 The Lundy Marine Festival 2022 will take place over two months this coming summer, from Thursday 14th July to Sunday 11th September 2022. Its purpose is to highlight the existence of the island’s Marine [...]

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PADI Instructor Examinations in Bristol UK

So PADI will be conducting 2 Instructor Examination's in the UK this year. April 30th to May 1st & October 8th to October 9th @ Bristol. As an exit requirement to be an OWSI, you also have to become an EFRI. Many Course Director's will incorporate this course into their IDC & even tho that can be done & is the norm. Ease the work load of learning this credential @ the same time as doing your IDC & earn your EFRI through jeffsdivingworld. PADI Instructor Candidates.

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“Student safety paramount during training dives”

Scuba diver died after instructor held him underwater for 'safety stop' at Stoney Cove The dive master insisted on a non-essential three-minute stop at 5m below the surface, despite the student's breathing difficulties, a trial heard.

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Rescue Divers to Junior Divemaster

RESCUE DIVERS AGED 15-17 Years Old So now available for all you rescue divers aged 15 to 17 years old. The PADI Junior Divemaster course is a subset of the PADI Divemaster course. This [...]

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That Litter that you discarded on land or near the coast……..

That Litter that you discarded........ That Litter that you discarded on land or near the coast has far reaching consequences. Image Copyright Ⓒ BBC PLEASE TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME.....Thankyou from Jeffs Diving [...]

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