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“Student safety paramount during training dives”

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Scuba diver died after instructor held him underwater for 'safety stop' at Stoney Cove The dive master insisted on a non-essential three-minute stop at 5m below the surface, despite the student's breathing difficulties, a trial heard.

Meetings for Divers, Instructors & Lovers of Scuba

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So planning to hold a meeting point @ cheddar car boot on January 30th @ 8am but the public can enter from 6am. I'll be in the indoor area & I'll have leaflets & laptop to present the uk diving scene & abroad as well. It's an opportunity to met with a local diving instructor [...]

Diving in Lundy 4th June 2022

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We are sorry but this Lundy scuba dive dive event in June 2022 is now SOLD OUT but there are other diving trips to Lundy and many other amazing locations with Jeffs Diving World. Contact us to enquire. 4th June 2022 - Diving Lundy

Santa Charity Dive 2021

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SANTA DIVE with Jeffs Diving World in Support of 2 Great Charities A Great and fun day today with Jonathan Lawrence & his friend Phil. Raising funds for 2 amazing charities. The RNLI & DORSET AND SOMERSET AIR AMBULANCE. Thank-you guys for a great day & looking forward to diving with you Phil also in [...]


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PADI DIVING COURSE 2021 - Assistant Diving Instructor - Details This is a great course for a PADI Divemaster wanting to gain more exsperience but not fully enrolling in the complete PADI IDC. This will give a PADI Divemaster a higher degree of responsibility & also a higher sense of worth. be able to do the initial confined skills for the padi openwater diver course, with the instructor present but nessasarily in the the water. conduct all surface skills independently etc.

Diving Can Be Dangerous – Get Qualified & Experience

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As a reminder that diving can be dangerous if safety protocols are not followed. This diver was solo diving & I will strongly defend my self ,in saying that solo diving is not a taboo. Ref PADI self reliant diver specialty course & that I have done my self many solo dives. Solo diving is like cave or wreck diving, the risks are obviously far higher and training for such dives are vital. This is why I strongly recommend to be at least a Padi Rescue Diver & stand by this statement.

Reaching PADI DIVEMASTER status

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Reaching PADI DIVEMASTER status So Scarlett has officially become a PADI Divemaster now. It's been a great 9 - 10 weeks teaching her to become a PADI Pro & really enjoyed teaching at this level. Scarlett is going to assist me for a while as a certified assistant, before embarking on her next step as a PADI INSTRUCTOR.

Scarlett’s Divemaster Journey So Far…….

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Scarlett started officially on March 27th & is on track to be completed by May 8th or at the very latest on June 5th. This course is not just about doing swims against the clock , re-demonstrating rescue exercise #7 or a mapping exercise. It's about preparing them for the real world of professional diving. [...]

Dive Master Course 2021

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PADI Divemaster Course of 2021, Jeffsdivingworld's first PADI Divemaster course has now officially started while abiding to safe social distancing and covid19 public health safety guidelines. PADI Dive Courses 2021 are now being booked and OPEN

PADI Rescue Diver or even an experienced diver

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Are you a PADI Rescue Diver or even an experienced diver & wondered what it's like to be a PADI Divemaster or Instructor?