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Dive Charters from Brixham, Devon

Jeff’s Diving World offer Brixham Dive & Charters for PADI Boat Diving Courses, Wreck Diving and Training.

We offer Scuba Diving Packages and Private Charters to see the glorious coastline and a good chance to spot some dolphins or the resident seals.

The John F Kennedy is operated from Brixham and is part of the PADI Diving Packages mentioned within our website. Jeff’s Diving World is fully guaranteed for all off shore diving courses and training.

Scuba Diving : we offer full day, 1/2 day charters and individual bookings for scuba diving for a maximum of 12 people. The boat is equipped with a dive lift and kitting up benches. Free tea and coffee provided and onboard sea toilet as well as a warm dry area .

The vessel named John F Kennedy is a 44 foot Waveney class lifeboat and was the first of it’s class commissioned to service by the RNLI in 1967. It served from 1967-1996 in Dun Laoghaire. It was launched 310 times and it saved 171 lives. It was built at Brooke Marine Lowestoft in 1966. After it was de-commissioned in 1996 it went on to serve as a fishing charter and the name was changed to Sarah JFK. In 2015 it was sold to Bay Charters of which a dive lift was added and was used for dive charters in Eastbourne and the name was again changed to Fortitude. Since we purchased the vessel in the start of 2018 we changed the name back to it’s original name….”The John F Kennedy”.

The original RNLI boat number is 44-002. The vessel in its own right is a privilege to be aboard. The John F Kennedy as far as we are aware is one of only five Waveney class lifeboats in the UK. One of them is in the historic lifeboat museum at Chatham Docks. The other 17 vessels that were commissioned were sold off to be used as lifeboats around the world including Australia, Canada, Nambia, Uruguay, New Zealand and the United States of America.

When booking your PADI Diving Courses with Jeff’s Diving World any course that mentions Boat Dives will include being aboard the famous John F Kennedy. As a PADI Diving Instructor it is such a unique opportunity.

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