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He had a very dramatic event in a swimming pool where he was testing his breath hold ability ,for which he had achieved 2'30" but wanted to gain a longer time. Unfortunately he fell in to difficulties & was clinically dead for about 5 minutes @ the bottom of the pool.

First Aid Training Aids

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Full Compliment of 1st Aid Training Aids So now at Jeffs Diving World we have a full compliment of first aid training aids. These will fully support your primary & secondary care learning experience in safety aspects of diving. This is a half day course at a low and affordable price [...]

First Aid Training Course – Emergency Response

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Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at 10 AM – 1 PM 85 Appletree Court BS22 6ba A course involving some simply theory ,some practical skills & a few senarios. It's a fun course but will provide you with some very useful skills ,should an emergency ever happen. It costs only £50.00 & I'll need to know by [...]

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