Zenobia 2022 Expedition

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Dive Zenobia 2022 Expedition

Q Divers

Diving Centre & Retail Shop

Established 2003

Diving Centre

… bringing a touch of class to the diving industry!

Q DIVERS is a first of its kind in Cyprus!

Our priorities are to provide the best diving excursions available for the demanding qualified diver an unrivaled introductory diving experience for absolute beginners.

Whatever your experience, we have the perfect dives for you!

Werner has been guiding all the dives at Q Divers for nearly 20 years. His knowledge of the area and sea conditions is second to none, ensuring you’ll have the best dive possible in the beautiful clear Mediterranean waters and see our interesting marine life.

The Zenobia Wreck is ranked among the top 10 wreck dives in the world! The Zenobia is a 172m long Ro-Ro Ferry which sank in June 1980 just on mile off shore Larnaca to a depth of 42 meters, taking down its cargo of trucks. Due to fishing restriction you see plenty of marine life – big Groupers, Barracudas, Breams and Jacks occupy this massive incredible Wreck!

DIVE PACKAGES including Tank 232 Bar and Weights

1 Dive : €34.00per dive

2 Dives : €32.00 per dive

3 Dives : €30.00 per dive

4 Dives : €29.00 per dive

5 Dives : €28.00 per dive

6 Dives : €27.00 per dive

7 Dives : €26.00 per dive

8 Dives : €25.00 per dive

9 Dives + : €23.00 per dive

Wreck & Boat Dives : Ask for details

Having already dived with these guys & highly recommend them.
they are really polite & “not stuck up there arse” type of guys.

I’m going e-mail them to sort out diving the Zenobia a few times & wanting to dive to its port side that sits lying @ 45m.

You’d need to be PADI Advanced & deep diver to get to the ( near ) bottom.
If not AOW, contact us at JeffsDivingWorld to get certified to dive & then you can do the deep spec in Cyprus 😉👌.

I wore a rash vest & shorts because I’m crazy but a 3mm wetsuit should be ample.

I’ll find the details of the resort I stayed in, a superb and really cheap but class location, pool, great food & drink & you can walk to dive centre + town in just 5 mins.

Lets do this 😉😉👌👌