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“Student safety paramount during training dives”

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Scuba diver died after instructor held him underwater for 'safety stop' at Stoney Cove The dive master insisted on a non-essential three-minute stop at 5m below the surface, despite the student's breathing difficulties, a trial heard.

Diving Can Be Dangerous – Get Qualified & Experience

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As a reminder that diving can be dangerous if safety protocols are not followed. This diver was solo diving & I will strongly defend my self ,in saying that solo diving is not a taboo. Ref PADI self reliant diver specialty course & that I have done my self many solo dives. Solo diving is like cave or wreck diving, the risks are obviously far higher and training for such dives are vital. This is why I strongly recommend to be at least a Padi Rescue Diver & stand by this statement.

First Aid Training Aids

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Full Compliment of 1st Aid Training Aids So now at Jeffs Diving World we have a full compliment of first aid training aids. These will fully support your primary & secondary care learning experience in safety aspects of diving. This is a half day course at a low and affordable price [...]